affidavit plano tx mobile notaryAn affidavit is a written statement made by a person, voluntarily and under an oath and is administered by a person legally authorized to do so

What is apart of an Affidavit?
The full name and address of the person swearing the affidavits
The reasoning for the affidavits
Other information as requested by the court or third party
Signature and dates for the affiant and the notary public


Affidavits of Heirship
This type of document is use when a spouse or close member of the family dies, and their assets must be distributed to the right person(s). It is used to assert the legal rights to the assets left behind to certain descendants of the deceased.

Affidavit of Residence
It is used to verify or confirm the home address of an individual. Common scenarios include verifying your home address for business or tax reasons.

Affidavits of Death
After the death of a person, a close relative may have to sign an affidavit to notify a bank, company, court, or other entity that the individual has passed away; the Affidavit of Death is used to establish that the person is no longer amongst the living.

Affidavits of Small Estate
This affidavit is often used when a spouse or relative died without leaving a will, someone must act on the deceased person’s behalf. Many courts offer a “small estate” proceeding where the value of all property falls below a certain amount; however, the individual performing the duties of the estate must attest to the fact that the assets are under that minimum threshold. This affidavit, as others, requires the signer to testify under oath that they’re the person who must be in charge of the estate and distributing any properties and assets left behind.

Affidavit of Name change
This type of affidavit is used to prove a change of name. It is mostly used to prove that you legally changed your name when you got married or divorced. Typically, you will state your current name, the new name and the jurisdiction where the change happened.

Whatever the reason you have requested to prepare an affidavit, it is important that the necessary procedures are followed to ensure the document is fully enforced under the law. An affidavit is not always considered legal until it has been witnessed or notarized by a legal official. An affidavit becomes a sworn document once it is signed by both parties.

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