Near Me Mobile Notary Public Plano TX 75084As a local notary serving Plano, TX. 75084, I am an official who has been sworn in, and bonded in TX by the Texas Secretary of State. The most common transactions that I perform is to witness the signing or execution of documents. I will verify the person(s) present, signing the particular document are who they say they are.

In order to verify the person’s identity I will check the person’s photo identification, and will also confirm that the person signing the document, understands what they are signing, and are not signing under duress. By Texas law, if I suspect that a signer does not understand what they are signing, or coerced, and is not of sound mind, it is my duty to refuse to notarize the document.

After your documents are signed, I will then place my notary seal on the papers. I will record the name, signature, and the date of the signer that has appeared before me in my notary journal.

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75023, 75025, 75034, 75075, 75086, 75094, 75024, 75026, 75074, 75093, 75252

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Apostille, Living Will, Power of Attorney, Partnership Agreement, Health Care Directives, Guardianship and Custody Documents, Buy Sell Agreement, Affidavit, Adoption Documents, I-9 Employment Verification