Near Me Mobile Notary Public Plano TX 75034As a notary public serving Plano, TX. 75034, I am an individual commissioned by the state of Texas to act as its representative in administering oaths, impartial witness or validate and authenticate legal documents.

Some of my primary functions as a mobile notary public serving Plano, TX zip code 75034 includes:

Certifying deeds, powers of attorney, contracts, wills and various other legal documents
Administering oaths
Verifying documents
Certifying duplicate documents
Exemplifying official papers

Once I notarize a document, it will have my notary seal in order to assert that the person who signs is in fact who they claim they are. As a notary public, I will attach my official stamp on documents adjacent to, below or as near as possible to the signatures of the signers.

I am required to record my attestations inside a well-bound book.

Being a notary, I know the ordinances and codes relevant for notarizing documents and carrying out notary functions. Through verifying the identity of signers and providing verification of signatures, I help to prevent fraud and forgery. Real estate, law, and many other industries rely on my services to conduct business.

I am thorough, fast and friendly. I am willing to travel anywhere in Plano TX., such as Banks, Financial Institutions, Title Companies, Senior Centers, Convalescent Homes, Retirement Homes, your place of business or your Residence any time 24/7.

Plano TX Service Areas

75023, 75025, 75075, 75086, 75094, 75024, 75026, 75074, 75084, 75093, 75252

Other Services That We Offer

Apostille, Living Will, Power of Attorney, Partnership Agreement, Health Care Directives, Guardianship and Custody Documents, Buy Sell Agreement, Affidavit, Adoption Documents, I-9 Employment Verification