Near Me Mobile Notary Public Plano TX 75075As a local mobile notary public serving Plano, TX. 75075, one of the most important aspects of being a mobile notary is maintaining and enhancing my relationships with my clients.

Each and every client wants to receive fantastic notorial service. I started fulfilling my clients needs by understanding where the client is coming from. Some clients may want a notarized apostille, while others want a notarized living will and everything in between.

My motto is to Understand Your Clients Notarial Needs, and the best way to do that is through empathy.

Empathize. Put yourself in their place, and taking the stance of see things from a different perspective. By adding small, personal touches, I make my client feel understood and appreciated for who they are, right where they are.

I am a responsible persons appointed by the Secretary of State to administer oaths and to attest to the authenticity of important documents. Being a notary, I have the right to take and validate the signature on all acknowledgements of mortgages, deeds, liens and powers of attorney. I can only verify the identity of signers, I am not responsible for the legality of any document’s content.

Being a Mobile Notary Public, I passed a test, as well as a background screening for the notary public license. The application includes a Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and State Department of Revenue verification.

To receive my notary public license, I had to meet certain requirements set forth by Texas State law. As an appointed notary, I took an oath of office at the clerk’s office.

My license is valid for a four year period, which is 2021

Plano TX Service Areas

75023, 75025, 75034, 75086, 75094, 75024, 75026, 75074, 75084, 75093, 75252

Other Services That We Offer

Apostille, Living Will, Power of Attorney, Partnership Agreement, Health Care Directives, Guardianship and Custody Documents, Buy Sell Agreement, Affidavit, Adoption Documents, I-9 Employment Verification