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power of attorney plano tx mobile notary publicAs a mobile notary public in Plano, TX, I have seen my share of power of attorney.

A power of attorney (POA) is a notarized document that you have authorized, giving someone the ability to act on your behalf in legal or business issues. The individual authorized to act on your behalf is known as the adviser or attorney-in-fact.

The attorney-in-fact can be given the power to make decisions on a variety of issues. Some decisions are financial, recommendations for a guardian, and health care decisions.

5 Types of Power Of Attorney

General Power of Attorney
A general power of attorney is used to allow your designated (agent) to manage your affairs during a particular period of time. In essence, it allows someone you give the legal authority to take a wide range of actions on your behalf, often includes legal actions, medical decision and financial and business decision.

Limited Power of Attorney
A limited power of attorney allows you to specify the areas you want your Attorney-in-fact to act on your behalf. It may also be limited to a particular period.

Durable Power of Attorney
The durable power of Attorney allow an agent to manage all of the affairs if you become incapacitated and can no longer make personal decisions. It becomes effective immediately after the problem is determined.

Health Care Power of Attorney
A health care power of attorney allows your agent to make health care decisions on your behalf when you are unconscious, or mentally incompetent.The document is only valid when you don’t have the ability to give medical directions to your doctors.

Springing Power of Attorney
A springing power of Attorney is an alternative way of creating a durable power of attorney for the future. Some people find it hard to give someone else power when they are agile and healthy, the spring power of attorney only takes effect when specified conditions are met. Typical conditions are physical disabilities, mental incompetence, and deployment.

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