A Living Will

living will plano tx mobile notary publicA Living Will is a document that includes a set of advanced directives designed to tell people you know, what they should do with in case you are unable to communicate about your health.

With a Living Will, you appoint a person to make decisions on treatments when you can’t. Without a living will many disputes can arise between your loved ones about your health.

Your Living Will includes a multitude of advance directives that will make it easy for you to state your wishes in as many details as possible. You are not restricted on your requirements and ideas, which is something that is relatively simple to do.

Medical Care That Prolongs Life – This is care and treatment that will prolong your life. This could be blood transfers, dialysis, drugs, surgery or respirators for instance.

DNR or Do Not Resuscitate Orders – These stipulations work with the above in the sense that you can specify whether you wish to be resuscitated or receive CPR. These types of orders should be specified to the hospital and doctors you work with, as well as wearing a medical alert bracelet that specifies this decision.

Food and Water That Prolongs Life – This specifies whether you want to receive food and water through external means. This can happen when there is an injury or a coma and a person can only live through intravenous food and water. Typically when these are stopped a person will pass away from dehydration. You can specify if you want this type of treatment, the conditions when this should happen and for how long this should go on for.

Management Of Pain – This is also called comfort care as well and it is when you decide to die naturally, but not in pain. You are kept comfortable while dying to improve the quality of life and dignity in the event of death. You can specify that drugs do be administered to keep you comfortable, but not in pain.

However, for the will to be valid, it needs to be witnessed and notarized.

It is important to remember that with a Living Will, you know the outcome before anything happens, you can prevent arguments among family members, refuse treatments you don’t want, and insure doctors follow your wishes.

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